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Careers at Bloom Lifestyle

London, Glasgow & Aberdeen

At Bloom our mission is to make sure, as part of our team, you grow in every area of your expertise. It’s important to the Bloom business that you are more successful, both financially and professionally.

You have the opportunity to improve your skills and confidence and grow into the salon professional that you aspire to. As a hair or beauty professional you can build the direction of your own career customised to ensure you do lots of the things that you really enjoy – in our experience in the hair & beauty world you will always be more successful doing the things that you love.

Sheona Will
Director, Bloom Lifestyle


Now recruiting hair & beauty professionals in London, Glasgow & Aberdeen

Time to Bloom…

Maximise your success with a personalised learning and professional growth plan for a creative, fast-paced and rewarding career.

Boost your earning opportunities with Bloom’s unique ‘tailored to you’ salary, support and bonus package.

Take control with a flexible working schedule.


Fast track your professional career...

The Graduate: hair or beauty graduates

You’ve completed your school or college education and are ready to embark on your chosen pathway. You probably have some NVQ qualifications (there is potential to complete these with Bloom) or perhaps have some salon work experience and a true passion for the industry.

You are eager to develop some of the softer skills, communication and confidence needed to deliver an outstanding guest experience. Keen to learn, you value the personalised training and development programme delivered by the experts at Bloom and are committed to learning from them every day.

The Salon Professional: hair or beauty professionals

You have some salon experience and are determined to grow and increase your earnings. You seek a development programme to take your skills to the next level, enhance your appeal to guests and fast track you up the career ladder.

The more highly skilled you become, the more you earn, and your working schedule becomes more flexible. You also develop your own area of expertise – the blonde colour expert, the precision cutter or the best facialist in town – we help you achieve your dreams and bloom.

The Freelancer: hair or beauty experts

Through hard work, talent and determination you’ve reached the top at Bloom, earning the right to maximise both your earning potential and professional development. You take control at this level and decide your own earnings and work schedule.

You love the varied and rewarding opportunities that working for an outstanding salon give you. It’s your choice: whether you branch out into an educational role, grow creatively as an artist with one of our partner brands or acquire new skills to mentor others to achieve their ambitions. Whatever your dreams, this level is all about you.

The Manager: front of house, support & management

As a highly valued team member you have an indispensable role in creating and delivering the exceptional Bloom guest experience for which we are renowned. You appreciate the impressive growth and development opportunities to build your career and grow your income.

You love putting your talents to work in a creative, fast-paced environment and playing your part in making our guests feel amazing – whether on the front desk while becoming a social media expert or supporting graduates to strengthen your management skills.


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