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Team Bloom’s favorite products

We asked our Glasgow team what their favorite products are!

Kirsty’s Favorite product is the Keune derma-sensitive shampoo!

My favorite product is the derma-sensitive shampoo. This shampoo has been formulated for sensitive skin to help reduce redness, itchiness and irritation. This shampoo is sulphate-free, alcohol-free and has a low-allergen fragrance. Using it on my own hair, I’ve seen a huge improvement in both health and feel:my scalp has never felt better and I’m getting longer in-between washes!

Jade’s favorite product is the Keune Instant Blow-out Spray!

My favorite product is the instant blow-out spray! This spray gives a nice hold, and some shine! It doesn’t feel heavy on your hair either and protects against heat damage. 

Kayleigh’s favorite product is the Keune Satin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner!

My favorite Keune product is the satin oil shampoo and conditioner. They give a great shine and helps control any frizz. I also love the humidity shield to finish off, it protects the hair from moisture 24 hours!

Aimee’s favorite products are the Keune Root Volumizer and the Keune Humidity Shield!

My favorite Keune products at the moment are the root volumizer and the humidity shield. The root volumizer gives a weightless lift with the perfect amount of hold and the humidity shield is a great alternative to a hairspray, protecting your blow-dry from the elements. 

Jenna Marie, Glasgow’s balayage and blonde specialist shares her top Keune picks to keep your blonde hair healthy and shiny! 

Blonde Saviour Shampoo and Mask keeps blonde hair healthy, luminous and so soft. Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray strengthens, detangles and reduces frizz. Lumicoat adds an amazing glass like shine to the hair but feels weightless once it’s dried!

All of these products are available to purchase in salon and our online store! 

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