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Permanent Make-up Brow Styles

Glasgow’s resident permanent makeup specialist Gem tells us about different permanent brows styles. 

Brow terminology can be a little confusing and some terms are interchangeable within the industry. This is how I describe my brow styles. 

During the consultation we discuss your preferred brow style, but look at what would suit your face symmetry and lifestyle.

Powder Brows

In order to give the brows depth and definition, full shading is applied throughout. This style gives your eyebrows a bolder, “make-up” appearance. Brows are made to look darker at the arch to tail end. This style is perfect for those who often pencil in and darken their brows.

Ombré Brows 

Shading techniques are used to graduate density and colour, creating brows with a beautiful, smokey front, a soft top and defined tail. It’s a subtle colour transition that adds depth to otherwise sparse looking brows. Ombré can be tailored to suit your preferred style be it soft and subtle or bold and strong.

Combination Brows

Combination brows combine both shaded brows and hair strokes to create a natural but “done” appearance. The front of these brows are filled with feathery hair-strokes, while the arch and tail sections are shaded. A full hair stroke brow style creates a “natural” fluffier appearance.

Considering permanent make up brows? Gem offers free consultations! She is always happy to meet clients and have a chat about procedure and aftercare.

To make an appointment with Gem book online or call us on 0141 248 5864.

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