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Keune Colour

Keune believes that healthy hair is important, therefore the Keune colour ranges contains rich, creamy formulas which perform to perfection without compromising hair health. All colour formulas contain silk proteins which work to protect the scalp. In addition all Keune products are cruelty free to ensure you look and feel your best!

Tinta Colour
Tinta Colour is Keune’s permanent colour range which is scientifically proven to provide over 75% more fiber nourishment to the hair. In addition, Tinta Colour also has an improved conditioning effect and fades slower than other colour products due to additional UV protection and Keune’s colour stabilizer. Tinta Colour has a wide range of shades which allows your hairdresser to create up to 650 custom shades!

Keune Semi-colour is a less permanent colour option which lasts up to 24 washes. Keune’s Semi-colour is vegan, gluten and ammonia free which creates soft, smooth, natural looking tones with a glossy shine and grey coverage. This range is ideal for initial colour appointments or refreshing the length and ends of the hair. Semi-colour has a unique formula which nourishes the hair, repairs damaged fibers and increases hydration, resulting in hair which is up to 55% smoother than without treatment.

Ultimate Blond
Keune’s Ultimate Blond range allows you to achieve your every blond ambition! Ultimate blonde contains a range of professional lightening powders for beautiful bright results and a collection of toners to spice up your blonde. Keune has introduced a new way to ensure blonde hair remains strong, healthy and resilient in only 3 steps. Keune’s Ultimate Blonde range adds stunning shine and softness to your hair while conditioning and nourishing to reduce damage.

Colour Chameleon
Let your personality shine with Keune Colour Chameleon! Stand out from the crowd with a bright hair colour, but keep the option to go back to your traditional colour afterwards. Keune Colour Chameleon is completely removable and comes in a range of nine intense shades with the options to pastelize or darken any shade to create a colour personal to you.

Head over to Bloom salon to discover what colour suits you best with a personalized colour consultation!

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