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Glasgow Spa Treatments

Our Glasgow Spa offers our guests amazing massage, facial and body treatments to restore both body and mind.

Massages are shown to relive tension and fatigue while improving blood circulation, and reducing joint inflammation. Massages can also aid in recovering from workouts, reducing muscle pain and stiffness. In addition, massages also have plenty of mental benefits including reducing stress and anxiety while improving mood and energy levels.

Facials help repair and regenerate skin cells while reducing puffiness and fluid build up. Facials remove build up from your skin and increases blood circulation which in return improves skin texture, radiance and has anti-ageing benefits. In addition, facials help prevent blemishes on the face and are not only relaxing for the body but the mind too. In spa we offer multiple different facial options whether you want a quick facial to fit in with your busy schedule or a longer appointment for the ultimate relaxation experience!

All spa treatments include an in-depth consultation to create a holistic experience that is specifically tailored to your needs. Make beauty and wellness a part of your regular routine with our Bloom spa bundle package! Simply book 3 of the above services within 3 months and enjoy a 20% discount.
For Glasgow appointments please call on 0141 248 5864.

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