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Get ready to Lift & Plump with Comfort Zone’s Microsonic Magic facial device

Get ready to Lift & Plump….discover the Microsonic facial device. The device will instantly improve your skin texture and appearance using its 3 Key actions:

  • Deep cleansing and exfoliation


  •  Cellular regeneration by stimulating cell metabolism


  •  Improved penetration of actives optimizes product absorption


The device can be used along side our NEW skin ampoules, a 7 day kit of intensive serums, for optimal results. when you buy any Ampoules Kit, recieve a 30 minute microsonic facial FREE!

Choose from:

  • Hydramemory – contains triple-active hydrating ingredient: protecting, hydrating, plumping.


  • Sublime skin  – provides increased COLLAGEN, ELASTIN, HYALURONIC ACID synthesis to IMPROVE SKIN FIRMNESS


  • Renight – It’s a stable and well-tolerated precursor of retinoic acid, promotes night-time renewal process and boosts cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production.


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