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Balayage Hair Colour

Who is Balayage for?

“I want low maintenance hair but would like colour and interest in my hair style”.

What’s the Balayage technique?

Freehand painting to add different dimensions through your hair.

A colour or a tint can be added to your roots if you require coverage or some more depth to your hair.

Finally, a toner is applied to the ends of your hair to achieve your desired result.

How long between salon appointments?

Balayage technique lasts 8-12 weeks depending on your hair growth.

How long does Balayage take?

90min to apply and 45min to develop & tone

Bloom Lifestyle team recommend

If you need a root touch up in between your full Balayage treatment, we recommend an appointment after 6 weeks for maintenance with a toner to freshen up the ends.

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